2. I went to the mall yesterday in search of a pair of boots to buy. As I was wandering around I was thinking I was a dumb ass for going to a mall. And then I discovered an antique shop. In the mall. And in it was vintage Pyrex - mostly pieces I have or don’t collect - and then I laid my eyes on Hex Signs for ten bones. Oh yeah, Hex Signs. Just in time to ward off the evil spirits.

  3. What!

  4. simplydelishdarling:

    The Magic Spice Cake by Janet Hill

    Another beautiful piece of art featuring vintage Pyrex.

  5. Love!  

    (Source: hand-drawn-bazaar)

  6. violet-bayou:

    100 Pieces of Pyrex by Beth Bell Kyle

    (via lady-deer)

  7. What do you know?  I found another 024 to add to my collection.

    This beautiful Holiday Casserole is from Glory Days of Medford, 335 E Main St, Medford, OR 97501.

  9. My sister and I just completed what was supposed to be a twenty-four hour adventure to Tucson, but an equal (or more?!) amount of time was spent in Seattle involving standby travel, heavy passenger loads, and canceled flights…

    Sometimes flight benefits test your sanity.  

    Tucson!  Your thunderstorms this time of year are crazy cool but the two approaches our pilots had to make because of the severe weather turned our knuckles white and our stomachs inside out.  It seemed like our aircraft should have been struck by lightning bolts at least 278 times.

    If you ever have to go through such an ordeal, go have a cocktail at 47 Scott in downtown Tucson afterwards.  I highly recommend the Basil Collins.  My meal was delicious too.

    Tucson had plenty of thrift shops, but the best Pyrex luck I had was at an antique mall called Copper Country Antiques.  I found two Butterprint fridgies with their lids (size 502) for $4.79 each and in mint condition!  The Golden Branch promotional bowl (size 024, my very favorite and pictured above) was 40% off.

    We also did some fabric shopping at two quilt shops, Quilt Basket and Quilter’s Market.  I bought a zipper pouch pattern that I can’t wait to try!

    And we did the 8-mile loop drive at Saguaro National Park (East) that was quite scenic.  We saw a lot of desert flora but no fauna (we could hear it rattling in the bushes though).

    Time for a nap.

  11. Pyrex in fall fashion.

  12. That is a lot of money for vintage Pyrex.  Yes it’s a rare piece, but is anyone willing to pay that much?  I’m following the action, or lack thereof currently, on this one.  And if you feel like buying it for me, just shoot me a note, and I’ll reply with my address.  (Yeah, I’m kidding.  Not that anyone would take me up on that though.)  Anyhow, call me CRAZY, yes it’s a beautiful pattern, but I’m not a huge fan of the 475.  I don’t buy them. 

    UPDATE:  1 day, 5 hours remaining.  Still no bids on this auction.  Come on!  I want to see some action.

    Ok now we’re down to 1 hour and 35 minutes on this auction!  No bids.

  13. I have more time on my hands than usual lately because my boyfriend’s job has taken him to a different (and sadly, permanent) location.  I could always pick up more hours at work to get out, but who wants to do that when you can sew?! Sewing takes my mind off of everything.  Anyhow, I can’t stop sewing these key chain pouches!  Someone make me stop and move on to a new project!!!

  14. I have only found solid turquoise pieces TWICE in the few years that I have been thrifting for Pyrex.  Both were dishwasher destroyed and tore at my heart strings.

    So I finally did something that I rarely can afford to do:  I put a shiny turquoise mixing bowl with a decent shipping price on my eBay ‘watch list’ and bid the minimum amount at the end and…WON!  Last night I came home to find my turquoise beauty waiting for me.