2. Today I made a quick stop at the Central Point Goodwill and found the larger of the Golden Grapes delphite bowls.  I have the smaller one so this completed my Chip & Dip set.  I love completing a set!  Wishing all of you a Happy New Year!

  3. I went to the mall yesterday in search of a pair of boots to buy. As I was wandering around I was thinking I was a dumb ass for going to a mall. And then I discovered an antique shop. In the mall. And in it was vintage Pyrex - mostly pieces I have or don’t collect - and then I laid my eyes on Hex Signs for ten bones. Oh yeah, Hex Signs. Just in time to ward off the evil spirits.


  4. Check out the vintage Pyrex-inspired designs on the tea towels!  Love.

  5. I have had some really bad luck finding vintage Pyrex lately, except I can always count on finding an opal divided dish. But who wants one of those!

  6. Yesterday I discovered the Main Antique Mall in downtown Medford.  I got the primary yellow Pyrex bowl and turquoise Hazel Atlas mug for $15.  I now have two completed primary sets!  I have been on the lookout for another yellow bowl for quite some time so I was happy to find it.  I think my cat approves?

  9. iloveoldthings:

    Look at these awesome earrings I got from Etsy!! Love!!

  10. What?!?  That’s right.  New Dots joined the collection today.

  11. Here are my Pyrex finds from our road trip this past weekend.  We turned into a parking lot on our way home to look at a map and there right in front of us was the Then-N-Now Antique Mall.  I bought the large Horizon Blue mixing bowl because it completed my set.  The Woodland fridge dish was three bucks so why not?  There were a lot of Pyrex treasures, including a delphite bowl that I left behind, so definitely worth a stop if you just happen to be in Winston, OR.

  13. From my coworker Brandi, who is also a devout thrifter.

  14. Found this Horizon Blue mixing bowl at Old Town Antique Mall in Grants Pass, OR yesterday.  

  15. Today’s jaw-dropping find at the Goodwill in Milwaukie, OR.  Fridgies were $3.99 each and the Butterprint mixing bowl was $2.99.